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Smart Communities, Smart Responders (SCSR) – An AI for IoT Prize Competition


The Smart Communities, Smart Responders – AI for IoT Information (AI3) Prize Competition calls participants to utilize data from multiple IoT devices to deliver an AI system to help first responders leverage the data coming from IoT devices, smart buildings, and other public data streams. Texas A&M University, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, and US Ignite will run this new program with $1.2 million in funding provided by NIST’s Public Safety Innovation Accelerator Program – Artificial Intelligence for IoT Information (PSAIP – AI3) cooperative agreement.

  • Create an AI System to help first responders – like firefighters, police, and EMTs- leverage data from IoT devices, smart buildings, and other surrounding sources.
  • Up to $360,000 in cash prizes are available!
  • Get a head start and review the official rules document now. Please note that the content in the document below is subject to change.


  • Increasing situational awareness for first responders and unit commanders
  • Integrating IoT sensor data into intuitive data visualization interfaces
  • Providing access to segmented and operationalizable real-time data
  • Using AI to fuse, align, support, or confirm data from multiple IoT real-time sources with pre-event data
  • Using IoT data and AI to alert or highlight status, changes, activities, and events
  • Ingesting unknown data, evaluating it based on metadata or other contextual information


Download the official rules document to review the eligibility criteria.


Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions! Email us at ai3info@lists.tamu.edu.


Texas A&M University

  • Walt Magnussen, PI, ITEC
  • Jian Tao, Co-PI, PVFA/TAMIDS
  • Michael E. Fox, SI, ITEC
  • Anjuli “A.J.” Renold (formerly Joan Quintana)Project Manager, ITEC

US Ignite

  • Nick Maynard, CEO and Co-founder, US Ignite
  • Praveen Ashok, Smart Cities Big Data Program Manager, US Ignite
  • Jonathan Beam, Prizes and Challenges Program Manager, US Ignite
  • Domenick Lasorsa, Prizes and Challenges Program Specialist, US Ignite

Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)

  • Jason Moats, Director, TEEX Testing & Innovation Center
  • Ray Ivie, Technology Evaluation Manager, TEEX Testing & Innovation Center
  • Client Arnett, Training Manager, Rescue Programs, TEEX Emergency Services Training Institute
  • Mike Avolio, Project Specialist, TEEX Testing & Innovation Center